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It\’s All About Pen, Paper and People.


Posted by Nathan P. on July 6, 2005

I recentely picked up a book entitled “Fiction Writers Workshop”, by Josip Novakovich. It’s basically a series of essays on fiction writing, with short exercises designed for you to do to work on different aspects of writing and to keep your skills sharp – basically, to practice.

I’ve started some of the exercises, which are good so far, and have been thinking – what can we do, as designers and as players, to practice role-playing? Primarily, I mean for those who view it as an art form. Artists sketch, writers write short form exercises, actors do scenes and improv, musicians do scales. Are there things that we can do to practice? I know theres been some good Forge threads about practicing for designers, which I’m sure a search in the Theory forum will turn up. But what about for players (including GMs)?

Is making a character practicing? Running through a combat? Creating story hooks? Where does practice shade into prep, or does it? Would practicing role playing make you better at it (I beleive it would, but I’m sure its up for debate)?

I think these are valuable questions. And, how cool would it be if, as a designer, you put a section in your game entitled “How to practice playing on your own so when you play with your friends you will have more fun.” I think that would rock.


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