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Process, Process, Process

Posted by Nathan P. on July 13, 2005

Focusing is hard.

I’m starting to hit diminishing returns with Timestream, in terms of the effort-put-in to getting-it-done ratio. That is, no matter how much work I do on it, it doesn’t feel like it’s getting any closer to being done, so it’s hard for me to put forth the necessary effort to get past this stage.

This sucks, and this is why people have editors. It’s not just so that your text will be pretty, it’s so that theres someone who can come in when you’re creatively exhausted, look at everything, make a halfway decent Index and Table of Contents (which is taking fucking forever), and catch your XX errors and slipping page numbers. I mean, this is the crap that I’m stuck on, and my own vision of the game won’t let it slide (though that little guy in the cheap seats that says things like “its only 40 pages, you don’t need an index” is starting to sound more reasonable).

It doesn’t help that my energy is also going towards Iron Game Chef (mainly in terms of anticipation), thoughts on the Kildarrin redux, my Adventure! game that I’m actually running, and all the little stray wisps that get caught in my skull (like the concept of a collectable RPG). Oh yeh, and work and school.

The last mile is the hardest, man. But that’s my bitching for today. Back to the salt mines.


6 Responses to “Process, Process, Process”

  1. La Ludisto said

    How are you laying out your book? Most decent layout programs can do ToC and Index for you. It’s a bitch to do by hand.

  2. Nathan P. said

    Adobe InDesign. I tried doing the automated ToC, but I couldn’t figure out how to set it to capture what I wanted. Same with the indexing. If you have a good resource or tutorial for indexing with InDesign, I’d love to see it.

  3. La Ludisto said

    The way ToCs worked in PageMaker and probably still works in InDesign (I’m behind the times in production; I moved to Editorial) is that it went off of typestyles. Assuming all of your chapter heads are in ‘Chapter Head’ typestyle, there should be an option in the typestyle dialog box to make anything that is in that typestyle show up in the ToC.

    Indexing is a lot trickier, only because indices are much more complex. This is also most likely changed since PageMaker. From what I see online, this seems to be the case. I hope it’s more intuitive than it was before.

    Ah, here’s a potentially useful reference: http://www.adobe.co.uk/products/tips/indesign.html

  4. Nathan P. said

    Cool, thanks. I think I was just stupid with the ToC, but it’s done, so water under the bridge. We’ll see what happens with the index…

  5. La Ludisto said

    Indexing is hell.

    We outsource it here where I work for a reason.

    And then we bitch about the quality when it comes back.

  6. Nathan P. said

    *l* Serious. I decided to say fuck it and just do the index by hand. This way, I know whats in there, and I know what to cross-reference and such. Not that its not a bitch and a half, but at least any errors will be mine-all-mine.

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