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Primetime Adventures Series Bible: Midway

Posted by Nathan P. on September 23, 2005

This post is the series bible for the PtA game my group started last week. I invite questions and comments in the…uh…comments. Any players who have a question or want to add something, post a comment and I’ll edit the main post.


Inspired by Firefly and WWII, the show Midway centers on the exploits of the crew of a trading/smuggling ship against the backdrop of intersteller war. The civilizations in this universe are heavily flavored by real-world cultures. The war, which has been going on for 4 years when the series begins, is between an Austrio-Prussian Federation and a New World/American network of colonies that are in rebellion and demanding independence.

We begin the series right before the first of the other great intersteller powers gets drawn into the War, triggering a detente-like situation that will end up polarizing the galaxy between the Colonists and Federation.

The protagonists are all crew on the ship Midway. They are a ragtag bunch drawn from all cultures, and attempting to make their way through the overall conflict as unscathed as possible.

While energy-style weapons and more futuristic technology is available, it’s typically reserved for the more elite and/or wealthy. The standard level of technology is advanced circuitry and computing power, but inside WWII-esque items and styles. For example, the Midway itself essentially looks like a troop transport plane. AI constructs are common, and have personalities.

The overall tone and feel for the series is dark and gritty, but not hopeless or depressing. Humorous moments are definitely allowed and encouraged, but not slapstick or just random craziness.

The war will fade in and out of the background in terms of importance, in sync with the protagonists Screen Presence and Issues.

There’s probably not aliens, but we’re not coming down on that definitively.

So far we have two protagonists:

Captain Jacob, originally from a wealthy family in the Federation. His brother was killed in the war, and he abandoned his home and family rather than be forced to go. His Issue is that he’s lost, but wants to belong.

C. Marne, the laborer/muscle on the ship. He’s from an ally civilization of the Federation, and got accidentally tracked into a program that turns citizens into super-soldiers. Being a coward at heart, he deserted, but still has psychotic episodes of violence. His issue is that he wants to be normal, or at least not to be forced into situations where he has to commit violent acts.

We’ve left the rest of the crew sketchy, as we’ll be adding at least one more Protagonist.

Good times. PtA rules.


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