Hamsterprophecy: Prevision

It\’s All About Pen, Paper and People.


Posted by Nathan P. on January 6, 2006

A lot going on in the last week or two.

First of all, I am now skyped, as all the cool kids seem to be doing it. Nic = hamsterprophet. I have no headset, but it seems to be working ok via internal mic & speakers….anyway, do with it what you will.

Second, my latest Game A Day post is actually, like, topical. In other Game A Day news, I’m going to be lamecore and cut back to only posting on weekdays – I need time to recharge every so often, and weekends seem like a good time to do it.

Thirdly, I set up a couple of Google Alerts for hamsterprophet and various Timestream and RPG combinations, pretty much for shits and giggles. It’s interesting – I get a couple of searches every other day or so, but the thing actually clicked on is almost never my site, blog or product on other pages. It’s very cool that there’s that many searches related to me(!), but very strange that the first click-through is always to something tangential (like, my GamingReport.com profile? wierd). So, it may be an interesting experiment to do something of the like for yourself. Just a thought.

Fourthly, Victor & Josh & me spent some time talking about the RPG Theory Journal idea, as well as got in touch with Mr. Jonathon Walton, and it looks like we’re going to encourage PUSH and work with it to see if it meets the needs we see for the community. Basically, when it comes out, get it and read it. Think about it. Start thinking about what kinds of articles YOU want to contribute. Victor has good advice – start development through blogging and discussion, pull it into an article, start polishing. PUSH is open to all kinds of content, from theory articles to short-form RPGs to reviews (I think). Anyway, it’s a great project, and I look forward to the first issue!

And, uh, yes. Some theory stuff soon. Keep on keepin’ on, all you rockin guys and gals.


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