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Dreamation 2006 & Other Matters

Posted by Nathan P. on January 16, 2006

In case you don’t know, Dreamation 2006 is happening next weekend. Full details on the con are here.

Michael S. Miller and Tony Lower-Basch have been doing a mad good job of coordinating the Indie Games Explosion gaming track and vending booth. Which promises to be about 19 kinds of awesome. For a schedule of the indie games offerings, check this out.

I will be there, running two sessions of Timestream and one of Carry, hopefully playing in a couple games of somethin’, and cutting my chops at the sellin’ booth. I’m totally geeking out at the prospect of meeting the fine, fine people that will be in attendence. I really hope I’m not totally lame. Anyway, for more formal details on my own schedule and demo offerings, check the website.

There’s other news coming down the pipeline this week, also, but I’ll wait till everythings actually set before announcing.

Also, I’ve been getting a little pickup in sales of Timestream, which is awesome. This is just me being excited, not really news, but hey.

I also have an essay entitled “What Roleplay Is” that I’ve sketched out, building on my early posts here, that I’m trying to pull together. It’s basically a descriptive analysis of the unique dynamics that define the act of roleplaying. I look forward to getting some feedback on it from you smart people.

Carry is coming along. I’m putting a lot of thought into the endgame, and hope to have something clean for the demo at the con. Speaking of which: if you’re going to be there, and are interested in playing, it’s not going to go till 4 in the morning. I anticipate 2 hours of play (which is what it’s designed for), and then Q&A and feedback discussion. But yeh, don’t let the time slot scare you off!

Huh…and it appears that my website needs a little fixin. Dern.

Anyway, that’s all the news, for now. Word.


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