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My Week In Gaming

Posted by Nathan P. on February 2, 2006

Saturday: Game Design seminar w/Luke, Jared & Vincent at VeriCon. Ticket to Ride w/girlfriend and suitemates.
Sunday: Chillaxin.
Monday: Ticket to Ride w/suitemates.
Tuesday: Brainstorm session with weekly RPG group, laying out agenda for the semester. Schedule weekly meeting on Sunday nights.
Wednesday: octaNe and Jungle Speed arrive.
Thursday morning (midnight-2.30 am): Introduce people to Jungle Speed. Play up to 7-person games.
Thursday day: Unsung arrives. More Jungle Speed as I run into people.
Friday: Apples to Apples arrives. More Jungle Speed. Reading OctaNe and Amber Diceless. Play the drinking game variant of Apples to Apples.
Saturday: More Jungle Speed. More Ticket to Ride (1 5 person game in afternoon, 2 1-on-1 games w/girlfriend after dinner).
Sunday: Guess what? More Jungle Speed. Game night, we talk about our first medium-length story arc and create characters for Aberrant. Afterwards, more Jungle Speed.

I count this as a good week.


One Response to “My Week In Gaming”

  1. DevP said

    Please do share your thoughts on Unsung once you’ve read it. I’m thinking about either that or Paladin for a modern game about “Homeland Security” and the like.–>

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