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Good Stuff Out There

Posted by Nathan P. on February 7, 2006

For those who aren’t “in the know”, Story Games is ready for more! The Story Games Forums are supposed to be a middle ground for people who want some free-wheeling RPG.net-style gaming discussion peanut butter in their Forge attitude/focus fudge, or, alternately, want Forge-y behavior and attitude vanilla swirled into their RPG.net “Sell me on…” and general-hanging out chocolate fro-yo. The metaphors, they are a a-mixin. Anyway, check it out.

Thor makes a damn good point in The Algebra of Settings in RPGs

Emily has a great February deal on Breaking The Ice. If you’ve been on the fence, the time is now!

There is a playtesting forum for Carry over at The Windsor Gaming Resource. They haven’t played yet, but its great to get feedback from gamers who aren’t necessarily into the indie scene. My favorite comment thus far:

This really wasn’t what I expected. When you stated that it would be played in one session I didn’t expect something so open ended. As in on[e] session could take some time, and there is a ton of replay value as the scenes would change each game. I expected more of a ‘tournament module’ type of thing like you see for D20. Here are your characters, here is the adventure, it should take about 3 hours, go! I am again impressed by the format, the concept and the balls to try something like this.

Wow. Thats awesome. I can’t wait to hear about their actual play!

And I have to finish reading BtI, Unsung and the last couple pages of OctaNe, not to mention Amber Diceless and reviewing the bits of Aberrant I don’t remember. It’s good my reading load for real life is light, because I wouldn’t be getting any of it done. My thoughts on Unsung will be posted when it’s read, as a couple people have expressed some interest in those.

Oh, and if you haven’t been reading Deep In The Game you should be.


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