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It\’s All About Pen, Paper and People.


Posted by Nathan P. on February 14, 2006

So just as the shtuff about Ron’s Brain Damage post gets to really swirling, I run across these threads on RPG.net:

What games have you been thrown out of?

What games have you walked out of?

Many of the accounts (3 pages so far in the former thread, 14 and counting in the latter) concern Vampire and Shadowrun games. Not all, by any means, but a siginificant portion. These include games where the GM shot the poster with a paintball gun when his character was shot in-game, where the poster was physically attacked by another player and gave him a bloody nose in self-defense, where posters have been given smokescreens and run-arounds to be kept away from other gaming groups, where posters say that they should have walked or should have been kicked out for their behavior, but weren’t.

Anecdotal, self-selecting, etc. But….these threads come at a very illustrative time.

Edit: Things just keep striking me. Like this quote from a thread entitled “What exactly is an RPG”: “A bunch of guys (or gals) get together, one of them tells a story, everyone else plays the part of a character in the story. The storyteller, usually known as the Game Master, tells what is happening, the players tell what they do in response to what is happening, and the storyteller decides the outcome of their actions, usually by rolling some dice and comparing the result to one of the characters’ skill scores.”

I’m really glad that I don’t play like this any more.


3 Responses to “Coincidence?”

  1. Bankuei said

    Sigh, and there you have it folks.

    Fun Now Manifesto is a first aid kit so people don’t walk into this kind of stuff anymore.

  2. Mark W said

    You know, though, that comment in your edit… it’s so close to right. It’s seductive. We tell each other stories, and weave them together.

  3. Nathan P. said

    Chris – yeh. You should walk around at Cons and hand little cards to people with the FNM on it, like those “dating bill of rights” cards the sexuality information service here does.

    Mark – I know!

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