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Carry: Sweet Devolution

Posted by Nathan P. on February 26, 2006

Finally played out a full game of Carry. It was awesome! Class in the morning, full report to come tomorrow, but quick highlights:

  • The mechanics work. Yay!
  • There need to be mechanics changes for 2-character play. Fair.
  • Sgt. orders a prisoner killed. The Cpl. disagrees with the order, but does it. This leads to more fallout for the squad. Perfect mechanical support of this moment. Awesome.
  • The two characters facing off, forcing the surviving squad members to chose which side to join. Great scene.
  • The slow transfer of the Cpl. character from supportive of the Sgt. to totally against him. Nice.
  • The inevitable tragedy that is built up to over the course of the entire game. Kick ass.
  • Having at least 3.8 hours of fun in 4 hours of play. Rockin’

This game kicks ass. More tomorrow.

Edit: AP thread up at the Forge. [Carry]Sweet Decline


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