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Carry & Other Updates

Posted by Nathan P. on March 29, 2006

Got to run Carry at I-CON for Thor, Dro and Mayuran (three of the Burning Wheel mafia). They were awesome, and I eagerly await in-depth feedback from them. The game jumped from a 6 on the awesome scale to at least a 7.5 just from that game and the tweaks that I’m now making, centering it more on Burdens (where it should be) and tuning the actual play structure. This, combined with the general awesomeness of all the Indie peeps that showed up, made it a good time for me, despite the lack of sales.

I also helped invent a role-playing exercise called Death Stakes. It grabs your man-grapes and squeezes until you realize that illusionism is bad roleplay.

I finished Countdown for Game Chef 2006. It’s not that great as a game, but I find it interesting in concept. I expect I may try to throw together a game, see how it holds up, then make it a little prettier and offer it as a free download. Anyone who wants to play, leave a comment.

I’m about a third of my way through my essay on Sim. Hopefully that’ll get posted soon.

Every day I get home and wish that I could ignore the rest of my life and just work on games. I don’t know if thats a good thing or a bad thing.


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