Hamsterprophecy: Prevision

It\’s All About Pen, Paper and People.


Posted by Nathan P. on May 2, 2006

So regular readers of anyway. will remember that Vincent saw someone once that he thought was TonyLB, but wasn’t, and he was mad. I can’t be arsed to look up the actual post, but yeh.

I had a similar experience today – I was working a load-in with a guy who, I swear to god, looked and sounded exactly like Clinton R. Nixon. I kept on wanting to ask him how the Mouse Guard game was going, but I couldn’t, and it was sad.


One Response to “Damn!”

  1. Bankuei said

    I, too, ran across a Clinton Clone a while ago.

    Maybe -this- is why people think we’re some kind of cult…

    “Story Now?”
    “System Matters!”
    “Soon, the foolish humans will fall, and we will create a new world! Muhahaahha!”–>

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