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Joao Wins Death Stakes

Posted by Nathan P. on May 6, 2006

(cleaned up transcript from the Foundry)

hamsterprophet says “we could play Death Stakes”

JMendes says “!!! Oooh yeah”

hamsterprophet says “do you wanna GM or shall I?”

JMendes says “Beat me to it, I was gonna type exactly that! Go ahead and GM for me, then. :)”

hamsterprophet says “hehe. Ok. Whats a good setting?”

JMendes says “I’m up for pretty much anything… space opera of some kind, perhaps…”

hamsterprophet says “never mind….the Mortal Kombat soundtrack just came up on my iTunes”

hamsterprophet says “i think its a sign”

JMendes doesn’t really know enough about the whole MK stylistic thingie, but yeah, I suppose it is. 🙂

hamsterprophet says “do you know any of the characters? Raiden, Subzero, Johnny Cage?”

JMendes …

JMendes says “Wait you’re talking about the van damme movie, aren’t you? I thought you were talking about the game(s)…”

JMendes never saw that movie…

hamsterprophet says “same characters. ok. so Subzero and Scorpion are both undead ninjas, and they’re bitter enemies. Subzero wears blue and can freeze things and shoot ice bolts. Scorpion wears tan and can shoot a spear out of his fist that pulls the person next to him and teleport a bit. So, you’re Subzero. The two of you are facing each other in a circular death match arena, with giant spikes everywhere and dim lighting and blood stains on the floor. The announcer goes FIGHT! How does Subzero die?”

JMendes thinks for a bit… “This is gonna be tough

hamsterprophet says “(the basic stylistic thing for MK is lots of blood and special moves. and flipkicks)”

JMendes says “We circle each other for a bit, trying to get a glimpse of some weak point or trying to find the other’s guard down, as we’ve done so many times in the past.”

JMendes says “I tentatively shoot a few bolts at Scorpion, just to gauge his reaction. He steps aside with ease and jumps onto a spike, springboarding off it and landing all the way across the other side. I turn to face him, but when I look, he isn’t where I was expecting him to land.”

JMendes says “I do guess the next half-second, but I am already too late. The tip of Scorpion’s spear makes an appearance on the front of my blue suit. I fall to my knees as it retracts again, then fall forward, immobile.”

hamsterprophet rolls his eyes. “Aaaaaatually…..as your eyes fall on the empty space where Scorpion should be, you guess at his plan and leap straight up in the air. You see his spear shoot between your legs as you execute a graceful backflip and land directly behind -him-. Now, how does Subzero die?”

JMendes says “I touch my palm to his back and he starts to freeze, but he too was already expecting me to guess his move, so in a split second, he is no longer there. We sommersault around each other and the arena and meet each other at the center, each throwing as much punch and kick as the other can barely hold back.”

JMendes says “Then, we break apart once again, and I send an array of bolts, covering a wide angle, which he only barely avoids. Then, out of the blue, he yells, NOW, and my head is hit from behind by (someone, don’t know the characters)’s foot. I turn to face the new menace.”

JMendes says “Taking advantage of my momentary stun, Scorpion does a triple sault and lands right at my side. A well placed flip kick sends me flying onto one of the spikes.”

JMendes says “I stand up ready to face them, but there is a trail of blood…”

JMendes says “Everything turns red…”

JMendes says “I fall forward.”

hamsterprophet says “lets go with…i dunno…Reptile, who’s in green and has poison breath””

JMendes okies.

hamsterprophet rolls his eyes. “Aaaaaactually…..your vision clears, and you realize that you got slammed between two spikes, one just to either side of your chest. Your enemies have both turned to face the judge, and you catapult yourself from the floor, flying directely towards their unprotected backs.”

JMendes says “Is there a key phrase coming soon, Nate? :)”

hamsterprophet says “Ice spikes grow from both of Subzeros hands as he flies through the air….now, how does Subzero die?””

hamsterprophet is totally on it at ALL TIMES

JMendes says “The judge takes in the whole of the events in the arena and stares back at Scorpion and Reptile. They continue to look at him for just a moment longer, as realization of why he isn’t being forthcoming dawns on their minds.”

JMendes says “A well-aimed bolt flies from my right hand and hits Repitle right in his neck. Scorpion, however, knew what was coming just soon enough to dodge it.”

JMendes says “I land beside the stunned green man and touch him with my palm, all the while concentrating on Scorpion, who jumps away from me. He throws his spear in my direction, hoping to catch me as I freeze his ally, but he isn’t fast enough.”

JMendes says “I jump to the side, then sommersault towards him, as he slides towards me. Again, we trade blows with each other in the center of the arena, neither of us able to gain a definite advantage.”

JMendes says “But then, when the time comes to break away and I jump back, he unexpectedly comes forward, pressing the attack. I am caught off balance and unable to keep him at bay.”

JMendes says “Suddenly, I trip over Reptile’s frozen body and fall backward. Scorpion does a double sault and lands on my chest, his right foot hitting my throat. He puts his spear fist against my forehead and smiles. ‘Goodbye, brother,’ he says, right before the spear comes out.”

JMendes says “(are they brothers? i got that feeling from the way you described them earlier…)”

hamsterprophet rolls his eyes. “Aaaaactually….as you gaze into the empty sockets where his eyes would be, you see the barest flicker of….hesistation?…as he says the word ‘brother’. You freeze, eyes locked on one anothers, for a split second, then the judge shouts FINISH HIM! You jackknife up, knocking Scorpion offbalance, and his spear shoots out and across your forehead, tearing open a gash just below your hairline. You roll in opposite directions, and as you come to your feet you manage to grab the spears cord before it retracts. Now, how does Subzero die?”

hamsterprophet says “(eh, why not? I actually dont know)”

JMendes says “For the briefest of moments, we are locked in a tug of war, circling each other and pulling hard on the cord. Changing strategies, Scorpion tries to catch me off-balance by suddenly running towards me, but I see it coming. I extend my own free hand, palm wide open, and place it firmly upon his chest. ‘Goodbye, indeed,’ I say, with a smile of my own.”

JMendes says “As Scorpion begins to freeze, he meets my stare with unexpected confidence. I feel movement behind me and a cloud of gas encircles me. Surprised, I try to hold my breath, but too late. I let go of a half-frozen Scorpion and turn to face a freshly thawed Reptile, grinning sinisterly at me. Again, the judge shouts, ‘FINISH HIM’. Reptile does a tripple sommersault right above me and lands behind me.”

JMendes says “Stunned by the poison, I am unable to react. He takes my head in his hands and twitches them. There’s a loud snap.”

hamsterprophet rolls his eyes. “Aaaaaactually…..as Reptile takes your head in his hands, everything fuzzes and we go to a flashback. You’re standing in a dimly-lit room talking to a beautiful woman in a purple ninja outfit. She says “Remember….Scorpion and Reptile have made a pact to help each other win their matches, so that they may face either other for the tournament championship. I have a small amount of a little-known powder that will serve to completely counteract the effects of Reptiles toxic breathe. Take it before the match – and if you defeat both of them – well, we will have something to talk about if that happens. She puts a small pouch in your hand and gives a mysterious smile, and then the scene fuzzes back to realtime. (more)”

hamsterprophet says “your eyes glow blue, and Reptiles hands suddenly become encased in ice, connecting him to your head. He growls “Impossible!” and you reach behind and get him in a reverse-bear-hug, lifting his feet off the ground. You begin spinning towards Scorpion, using your feet as weapons and Reptiles body as a shield.””

hamsterprophet says “Now, how does Subzero die?!”

hamsterprophet says “this game makes the best fight scenes ever”

JMendes says “Still half frozen, Scorpion is unable to effectively respond to my attacks. He slowly backs up under my pressure until his back is against the wall. As I continue to hold Reptile’s body in my bear hug, he freezes completely. I do a backward sommersault and throw the frozen body at Scorpion, hitting him right in the face. It bashes his head severely, shattering into a million pieces all the while.”

hamsterprophet is literally LOL. “AWESOME”

JMendes says “He falls to his knees and I step forward, ready to end the fight. I place my palm on his head. He knows what’s coming next. ‘No mercy,’ I mutter under my breath. After he is frozen, one swift round kick ends his plight. As I walk towards the center of the arena, a lone figure is standing there. A female figure.”

JMendes says “A beautiful ninja in a purple outfit is standing there, smiling at me. ‘I knew you could do it,’ she says in a soft voice. ‘And now, I’ll be the one who beat the champion.’ I look at her, sizing her up. She doesn’t look so tough.”

JMendes says “Then I begin to feel stiff. ‘Oh, wait,’ she says. ‘I never did tell you about the side effects, did I?'”

JMendes says “I see everything in slow motion, yet I am unable to react. It’s as if I’m watching the scene from above, shouting at myself, ‘look out, you idiot, she has a sai!’ And indeed she does. Drawing it from her belt, she walks slowly towards me. Smiling ever so sweetly, she plunges it into my belly. ‘What’s the matter, Subzero?’, she asks, ‘Lost your cool?'”

JMendes says “The world spins around itself as I fall to the ground, unable to respond…”

hamsterprophet says “The last words you hear are the judges ritual call. ‘FINISH HIM!’ Then it all goes black.”

hamsterprophet says “dude. you totally just won Death Stakes.”

JMendes !! :):)

hamsterprophet says “that was awesome”

JMendes says “This is way more fun than I expected it to be. I gotta save a log of this!”

hamsterprophet says “yeh, me too”

4 Responses to “Joao Wins Death Stakes”

  1. JMendes said

    Hi, 🙂

    Everyone should play this at least once in their gaming lifetime, and should make an effort to play it at least once a month.

    It’s… liberating. 🙂


  2. I agree. The Space Opera game we played was very fun. It actually surprised me how fun Death Stakes could be, because when I originally saw the rules, I thought, that seems like a waste of playing time. I was way wrong though. Death Stakes is solid.

    Nate, do you have the transcript of the space opera game? I didn’t log it and closed out the window before I copy and pasted it.

  3. Nathan P. said

    I just posted the space opera transcript. Death Stakes is, indeed, a fun (dare-I-say-it?) freeform game, and I think it suits the online format pretty well, which is cool. It was fun playing with you guys!

  4. […] time with Death Stakes: This game is so weird. It’s not supposed to be fun, but it is. Here’s me winning it, and here’s me GMing it. Apparently, there’s two ways to win. If your GM is blown away […]

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