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Posted by Nathan P. on May 12, 2006

So I finally did a little cleaning up around here, updated all my side-bar links and added new ones. As always, if you wanna do a blog link exchange, leave a comment either on the “Add Your Voice” thread, or on this one.

So, Vincent is, as always, is full of wisdom. Carry is now subtitled “A role-playing game about War.” I might even go down to “A game about War,” but I dunno.

[EDIT] After some thought, I’m pretty sure the title is going to be:

carry. a game about war.

I’m going to work on a logo today – it’ll be sweet. [/EDIT]

I hope to have my Timestream thing done by next week, but I need to change the title on that one, too.

I had a dream about Timestream last night. I think I subconsciously worked something out, and might actually start working on a second edition, or at least an updated set of Aspects and Techniques, because of it. Time (heh) will tell.

Oh – and if you don’t follow the Forge, I’m officially on board for GenCon. Woooo!

[EDIT] Oh yeh! Make sure to check out Game A Day every so often. I have been posting stuff there, I promise![/EDIT]


6 Responses to “Updateyness”

  1. I think it’d be great if more people would start calling their games “games” instead of RPGs. IIRC, Ben Lehman doesn’t have “roleplaying game” (possibly not even “roleplaying”) anywhere in the text of Polaris.

    I realize there’s a counterargument that says RPGs need to loosen up and experiment, but the flipside to that is: why restrict yourself to a niche? Werewolf (not that one, the other one) could probably be considered an indie RPG…but I think it’s probably easier to grok, and has wider appeal, because it’s just “a game”.

  2. Guy said

    Elliot, I agree. Check my CSI Games blog.

    Sure it creates a new niche, but it salutes the “Game” portion.

  3. Nathan P. said

    Bleh. I think “game” is just as vague, loaded and crap-as-a-term as “story.” But, like, I still wear pants even though I don’t like them.

  4. Heya,

    I can’t wait to finally meet you, Nate. I have been a real fan of your blog for a while now, bro. Can’t wait to shake your hand. šŸ™‚



  5. Nathan P. said

    Troy – hells yes. I feel like we could have a beer and talk about shit and have some good times.

  6. Personally, I think it’s only getting more important that we identify our games as roleplaying games – if we want to reach roleplayers as a market.

    Which I still do.

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