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DexCon 9 Approaches

Posted by Nathan P. on July 12, 2006

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for DexCon. I was going to leave this morning, but I needed to use today to finish up my (ahem) first professional show (!), which opens this weekend.

I’m running three games of Carry (god, the stage fright…) and taking pre-orders, and short-demo’ing and pimping Timestream. I plan to play lots of Jungle Speed. I also want to get in some other games…hopefully My Life With Master, Mortal Coil, and anything else that tickles my fancy. I’m also bringing Citadels, which is a card/board game I really enjoy, and that I have yet to play with more than four people. And there’s apparently some “Indie Publishing Roundtable” on Sunday, which sounds like a hoot.

I have no idea if there’s wireless at the hotel. If there is, and enough interesting things happen, I may throw up some “live-blog” style posts over the next couple of days.

Word. If you’ll be there this weekend, come say hi at the IPR booth!


One Response to “DexCon 9 Approaches”

  1. ecboss said

    All the best of luck, Nathan! Carry looks awesome. You’ll knock ’em dead. : )

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