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“O” Is For “Overkill”

Posted by Nathan P. on August 2, 2006

So, someone got really excited about Mechaton. And went and got new dice for it. And went to the lego store. And is playing with his friends tomorrow.

With the aid of my meager lego collection and a “lego grab bag,” I present to you: The Frogz.

The Frogz

So I’m not gonna win any design awards (yet….). But I decided, hey, if I’m gonna go big, I should go all the way, right?

Frogz 1
This fellow is pretty basic. I could see him as a all-around workhorse – 1 range weapon, 1 yellow die for the spotlight on his off-hand, 1 green die for his huge feet, and maybe an armor die or a hand-to-hand weapon.

Frogz 3

This dude’s pretty sweet. He was originally artillery but..uh…you’ll see. So he definitly has a mad ranged weapon, with that four-barreled monstrosity, and either an artillery peice or a one-use rocket on his shoulder. Again, the scope could be worth a yellow die. His shield, though? Two armor die, please. That shield is da shit.

Frogz 4

Ah, the scout. One of these guys led me to sweet victory against Vincent and Brennan over the weekend. This particular model has two yellow dice for all those antennae and signal pickups, one blue die, and one green die – look at the freakin rockets on the back! He ALSO has a green d8, because he has no weapons. Sweet!

Frogz 5

Holy crap. Will you look at that. This guy is so huge, you can’t not love him. Notice the little support mechanism he has for his GIANT SWORD of an arm. So, hand-to-hand weapon, and I’m thinking 3 blue dice! Not only for his cool little shield, but also cuz no-one wants to get close to him because of his GIANT SWORD. I might also give him jumpjets or something to give him a green die instead of one of the blues.

Forgz 6

This is my favorite. He’s, uh, heavy artillery. He launches little explosive frog heads off of those rail arms, and they will eff you up. I’m thinking either one weapon (artillery) and three armor, or two weapons – artillery and range, so he can shoot frog heads right into your face.

Battle report to come tomorrow, barring unforseen circumstances.


2 Responses to ““O” Is For “Overkill””

  1. larsbendybendy said

    Ha ha! These are great! I look forward to in-action photos!

  2. Short battle report: I played with my friend John-Spelled-Can. He built an awesome Mech and used two of mine. He totally pwned me – I think we ended the game with me down to two (of my four original), and he still had at least one unwounded guy. He had awesome dice, but I also learned that direct frontal attack on an unguarded postion != a good idea.

    I took some pictures, which will be uploaded when I’m not trying to get my shit together for my Burning Wheel game.

    I can’t wait for Gen Con, so I can get an actual rulebook and not have to make up the rules for the set up phase based off of my hazy memory of one game with Vincent.

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