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As If I Need Another Mission Statement

Posted by Nathan P. on August 5, 2006

From the Indianapolis Monthly

It’s 9 a.m. Friday. The city has awoken around the Convention Center halls, now flooded with light that drenches the sun-shy gamers, seated in circles at tables or on the ground. Many of them were in these very spots when the sun last set and have moved little since. An RPG can go for days, weeks, even years, theoretically. Characters take hours to build and months to develop and hone their skills by accruing experience points, “learning” spells and building prowess with certain weapons. The “action” transpires at a clip just a hair faster than real time. Minimal duration for a typical gaming session is three to four hours. Otherwise, you couldn’t get anything accomplished. That’s why there is no such thing as a casual gamer. It just takes too much time for anyone who’s not completely obsessed.

I’d love to see a news article on (the roleplaying at) DexCon or Dreamation and see how they compare.


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