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General Update

Posted by Nathan P. on August 5, 2006

Played another game of Mechaton, three players this time. It was awesome. I still have pics to post, sometime, of my game the other day. I rebuilt some of my Mechs today to be even more awesome. Once I have the actual setup rules, it will be even more awesome than that. I can’t wait.

Played the first solid now-we’re-actually-playing session of Burning Wheel. It’s hard to remember that we have more than four hours to play, so I don’t need to push straight towards the awesome every second. Damn Con games are ruining me. I also need to internalize some of those rules – looking crap up takes time.

I really, really hope I’ll have my books in hand for Gen Con. I will be one sad puppy if that doesn’t happen.

Ideas for indie game events at Pandemonium are bubbing in my head. Post-Gen Con, some of them will hopefully be coming to fruition.

Ken Hite gave Timestream an unanticipated nod in his latest Out Of The Box. I yet again squee with fanboyish glee.

Haha, I’m having some blockage in regards to my latest game idea. Serves me right! I need to give the ol’ noggin a rest, but its so hard. So hard.

Oh yah – I also wrote a game about Owlbears.


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