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More Love

Posted by Nathan P. on August 7, 2006

Paul Tevis of the Have Games Will Travel podcast had some nice things to say about both Timestream and carry in his Gen Con Survival Guide episode, and put them both on his “games I want to know more about” list, with some great company: Deaths Door, Mechaton (I will destroy you all!) and Kwaidan. Though on the podcast he said that I was Thomas Robertson, which was funny for two reasons. First, I am not Thomas Robertson. Second, I recently met the fellow in question IRL. So, funny.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to meeting Paul if at all possible. Along with the rest of you lugs.


2 Responses to “More Love”

  1. Actually, both Nathan and Thomas are nothing but pseudonyms for the RPG Pundit.


  2. Yeh. We hung out in the Cambridge thats in Uruguay.

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