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Lookin’ For Playtesters…

Posted by Nathan P. on August 29, 2006


This time, for Countdown, my 2006 Game Chef entry. See the recruiting post here. In short, the game is for play-by-email play, so it shouldn’t be too onerous to play! Feel free to respond here with questions or interest.


2 Responses to “Lookin’ For Playtesters…”

  1. Nathan, I’ll volunteer. Normally I’d offer up my playtest circle, but this is a PBeM thing? You wanna just strike up a game, since distance isn’t a concern?

  2. Yeh, PBeM. I actually got a bunch of responses already, and have a 5-player playtest in the beginning stages…but I’ve gotten a couple late responses in addition to yours.

    Wanna run a playtest for me?

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