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primitive kevin allen jr

Posted by Nathan P. on August 30, 2006

Hey, all you shlubs who get here because you google for Primitive – it’s up now at Indie Press Revolution.

Man, I wish I got half the hits from people searching for, like, my games or something.

Kevin, you will be fearing the wrath of my Mouth of Ronom. Fear it, I say!

Seriously tho, it’s a rockin’ game of society-building and cavemen fighting dinosaurs. Even though the only time I played it, we apparently played it wrong. I guess you’re not supposed to end the game by getting beaten to death by your tribemates and then eaten in the middle of a swamp. Who knew?

This is (going clockwise) Kevin (sipping the drink) watching me as I try to, I beleive, beat Joe Prince’s Pteradactyl over the head with a club; Jason Morningstar is nonplussed; Gregor Hutton is duly impressed by my prowess; and Danielle Czege waits for her opportunity to strike.

Me beating someone with a club at Gen Con

Good times.


3 Responses to “primitive kevin allen jr”

  1. Linnaeus said

    Re: the Google thing.

    Yeah, wordpress.com seems to generate instant pagerank, and as a result you tend to get hits for searches you wouldn’t expect. I get a couple hits a week on searches for Levi Kornelsen.

  2. Guy Shalev said

    I get about 15-30 hits a day from people looking for computer games regarding “CSI”, the TV show.

  3. Guy Shalev said

    Kevin’s hair, with his hat kinda looks like he’s one of them hick hunters, odd.

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