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Audio Demo: Carry

Posted by Nathan P. on October 16, 2006

Jeff and Judd (of the Sons of Kryos, natch) recorded a demo of carry with me at Gen Con. Here’s the mp3 file. Check it out.

Thanks guys!

2 Responses to “Audio Demo: Carry”

  1. Mark Nau said

    Listening to it, I was struck by the realization that you have played out many iterations of fundamentally similar encounters. That seems interesting, in a scientific data-gathering sort of way.

  2. cue long-delayed reply: go!

    It was interesting to me that, as I ran the demo over and over, I got more excited about it. There were a couple of broad classes of response that most people tended to fall into, but every Burden entry was pretty much unique, and it was always fun to see exactely where the demo would go.

    Oh, and there’s a very nice comment about the game in this thread at the Forums Of Kryos.

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