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JiffyCon In Pictures

Posted by Nathan P. on November 14, 2006

I fully intended to take more pics, but I kinda lost at that game. But here’s what I managed to get that didn’t suck. Click to enlarge. More info about the Con to follow!

In the Morning
Hangin’ Out In The Morning Dev, Eben, Tom’s back, the back of Jeff’s head, glowing Vincent, Judd, the back of Jon Walson’s head, and Shreyas.

Hangin’ Out Some More Tom, Jeff, someone’s arm, Judd and Jon.
Judd in his spendor Judd is a rockstar.

Going to Eat

Goin’ to Eat I had a couple more, but this is the only one that came out half-way decent. Joshua and the back of Shreyas’s head star.
Good Times at Casa Del Baker

At the Bakers I really dig the quality of light in this house, and took a bunch of pictures, most of which suck. Here we have Tom doing some reading, and closeup on Emily.

At the Bakers 2 Hey Judd? Stop being such a rockstar. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

At the Bakers 3 Dev is perplexed.

Best. Picture. Ever.

Tovey OWNS YOU There just aren’t the words. Tovey will be your master now!

(Is it weird that I think Tovey looks strangely similar to Luke in this picture? Can someone link me to the pic of Luke playin Agon at Gen Con?)

So yes. Much fun was had. More details to come.


5 Responses to “JiffyCon In Pictures”

  1. Nice pics, Nathan!

    It was great having you guys out at this end of the state. I call for more!

  2. Meguey said

    I swear Luke is not my child.

    I agree with you Joshua, but to be fair, we need to road-trip out there sometime soonish.

  3. Yeh, serious!

    Maybe sometime post-holiday. We should have a midwinter SGB weekend event for y’all to come to.

  4. bazoqqu said

    hilary duff come clean

  5. monster said

    As she went to shave, she continued to park around back. Dont much monster cock in ass nicer, she.

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