Hamsterprophecy: Prevision

It\’s All About Pen, Paper and People.


Posted by Nathan P. on November 15, 2006

Sometimes you just have to start throwing shite at the wall and see what sticks.

I have a draft of a character sheet now. Characters have traits that have boxes, stuff about their Perversity (including Discipline and Nerve and Malocchio’s), stuff about the Imp they are playing (including Influence, Duplicity and Lusus Naturae), and a section called Grim and Horrible Tales that is stuff that other people get to give to your character (under the headings of Compassion, Desperation, Discovery, Tricks and Secrets) and is the means of character advancement.

Now I’m figuring out how this all hooks into the resolution matrix idea that I’m running with for resolution stuff.

The Reverse Engineer experience is totally helping here. I’m putting stuff on the sheet that I want to be there, and figuring out how it all works as I go.

I’m trying to keep the fiddly bits to a minimum – that is, there is going to be a deck of cards, and the resolution matrix of cards, but I think I want everything on the sheet to be about effecting the matrix. You never have a hand of cards, or anything. I dunno if this will be boring.

I think that this design process is going to be extremely iterative.


2 Responses to “Experiential”

  1. kevin allen jr. said

    I like the idea of a game that uses cards, but doesn’t have a hand or play like poker. From only what you’ve posted here, i envision sort of like a blotter calendar, and you move face up or face down cards around on it (that is, the matrix ((or board, really)). That excites me, i would be interested to see what you are doing, and how this matrix will work.

    glad the rev/eng idea could help. That’s exactly what it was for, to explore new aproaches.

  2. And it succeeded, mightily.

    I’ll have a new post soon about the resolution matrix. If I survive the week. The idea is that the matrix shows you whats gonna happen if you don’t do anything, and your sheet shows you what options you have to do things, and it’s a single step from one to the other.

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