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Ok, Seriously

Posted by Nathan P. on November 15, 2006

So…uh…I guess I get all warm and fuzzy when I see the word “awesome” being note-ad-ly edited “out” of yer posts, and all, but it’s getting old.

If you wanna say something about it, say it. If you don’t, I don’t need the flak, yo.


3 Responses to “Ok, Seriously”

  1. Eh, you brought up a good point, Nate. Don’t be ashamed of that. We, as a community (especially myself) really need to get harder on ourselves when it comes to producing and discussing games.



  2. Paul Czege said

    Has it expanded beyond the one IPR thread? I sure didn’t anticipate that…but it has to be considered a testament to the significance of your rant.

  3. I’ve seen it from three different people on story-games, and I can’t tell how things are meant on teh intarwebs, so I’m getting antsy about it, is all.

    I’m glad people are thinking about it, tho.

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