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Is It Too Soon?

Posted by Nathan P. on January 6, 2007

Here’s a thought about a really cathartic game for a lot of us, I think. This idea was originally discussed with Mr. Allen Jr at Gen Con, by the by.

So I have a number of 90s game tomes on a bookshelf that I don’t really want to get rid of, because I played many of them and they were a big part of my coming of age experience and I have a hard time parting with that kind of stuff. Of course, they’re at my parents house, because I don’t play them anymore….but here’s something interesting I was thinking of.

So when you purchase this theoretical game, it’s an 8.5×11 hardcover with whatever cool grabby cover. And you open it, and the pages inside are a mess of dotted outlines with bibliographic references in them. Like, there’s a rectangle that says ” (WW) Hunter: The Reckoning; Page 128, paragraph 4″ and below it is a a trapezoid that says “(TSR) Encyclopedia Magica Volume 1, Page 37, paragraph 4, sentences 2 – 10”. It also comes with a pair of scissors and a gluestick.

I imagine that it would either come with a CD, or have a website addy where you can download all the clippings, so you have access to the ones that you don’t already own.

Impossible for legal reasons, I’m sure. But how interesting would it be if you got a game that required you to physically destroy the old games that you don’t play any more, in order to create something new?

Physical destruction, as you will see this summer, is a big theme for me (and Kevin) right now.

I think I would call this game “From The Ashes”


2 Responses to “Is It Too Soon?”

  1. Judd said

    Man, the thought of cutting up books makes my librarian’s blood turn cold.

    Not sure I could do it.


  2. Guy Shalev said

    I fetishize books, so I won’t be able to do it.

    But I’d call it “Iron-man” like the old Iron-Man M:tG tournaments which supposedly ate many a Black Lotus.

    Or “Scrap Book”.

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