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Simple Decision

Posted by Nathan P. on January 15, 2007

I’ll be sticking with the Adept Press (aka Forge) Booth this year at Gen Con. I still can, cuz I was a first-year last year; I’m wimpy enough that I’d rather stick with what I know than try something new; and I think it would be lame if the new people/veteran ratio dropped too low. I know having the old hands on hand was a big help to me, at least, and I think everyone else this last year at Gen Con.

I’m really excited about the cool stuff that other people will be doing, tho.


3 Responses to “Simple Decision”

  1. kevin allen jr. said

    i’m also gonna be down with the forge booth, for really all of the same reasons you mention. I would like to talk up what the plan is for next year though, see what can be done, now that there will be some other booths to choose from, and maybe some new avenues to persue.

  2. Troy_Costisick said


    If all goes well, I hope to see you there, Nate. 🙂



  3. Yup. We still have a drinking date from last year, ya no-show 😉

    Kev, I was just thinking that it’s gonna be hard to stick at the Forge booth when these other booths are out there and doing cool stuff. There definitly needs to be some kind of plan, and hopefully some organized cross-promotion. Little maps of the sales floor with annotated directions/explanations of all the indie islands would be boss.

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