Hamsterprophecy: Prevision

It\’s All About Pen, Paper and People.


Posted by Nathan P. on January 17, 2007

So I might have a mockup of a first version of this thing I’ve been working on at Dreamation. Perhaps, having this post out in the wild will help me focus on making it actually happen.

It’s kinda a hybrid card/board/RPG thing. I’m not really sure yet how big each quantity is, I have to make the pages happen first. I’m almost done with the intro rules, but I have no idea how long the page rules are going to take to write. It was originally going to be in full-size (8.5×11), but I think that would make it impossible to play on a regular table, so I need to experiment with page sizes. However, now that that decision has been made, I may be going with square format, which would help with the edge-matching portion of the game.

The cool thing about this game is when you get the book you have one world, and when you’re done with the game you have a different and unique world that is left out of the ashes of the old.

It’s probably going to be expensive as hell to make and impossible to market, but hey, whatever.

It’s a sister project to Kevin Allen Jr’s Sweet Agatha, in a way. He’s going farther than me, tho. I’m looking forward to getting a peek at that thang at Dreamation.


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