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Ah, Dreamation (Updates)

Posted by Nathan P. on January 26, 2007

So there is no wireless code needed for this year – so me and my trust PowerBook are free to throw up tidbits of Dreamation goodness.

So far we’ve been through two event slots (Thursday 8-12 and Friday 9-1), and all 7 IGE events in those slots have gone off with full tables. I had 6 players show up for my 1001 Nights game last night (wow!); With Great Power…, Misspent Youth and One Night (the latter two being playtest sessions) all went as well. And there was a pickup of the Technolost playtest.

This morning was a Grey Ranks playtest, another With Great Power…, and a very large table for Burning Wheel: Artisia. I spent the morning hanging out and helping set up the IPR booth display. Holy crap, thats a lot of games.

In just a couple minutes, we have 9 game scheduled. As of 15 minutes until game time, only one of them has below th “minimum players” number, and all of them have at least one person signed up.

Totally neat. I’ll update later tonite, but until then – I got Ganakagok to play!


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