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Three Set Forth

Posted by Nathan P. on February 11, 2007

This is my frankenstein game. Right now I’m loading DitV, Agon and Don’t Rest Your Head in a blender, adding some liberal doses of TSOY and Jon Walton’s brain, and seasoning with some “holy crap all of these books are going to have to pass through my hands”, with just a light touch of Burning Empires to top it all off. I have yet to hit frappe, but the smells wafting out of the blender are pretty sweet so far.

It’s a game for three players. It’s about three characters going on a quest. It’s GMless and fully competitional (if thats a word) but within a cooperative framework. It’s happening because I want to play Samurai Champloo in an RPG and don’t know how yet. I think it’ll support two-player play really well, too, which would be awesome.

It’s going to have badass fight scenes.  It’s going to have highly structured storytelling narrative arcs. The books is going to be interactive. It’ll be possible to pick up the game, read one chapter and start playing right on the spot (I think…)

It’s a game I actually know what I want it to look like (as opposed to about 85% of Imp). I’m really excited about it. I hope to have it ready to play in a couple of weeks.



4 Responses to “Three Set Forth”

  1. thouandone said

    Can’t fucking wait.

  2. Linnaeus said

    Sounds pretty cool, Nathan. I’m eager to see a first draft 🙂

  3. Troy_Costisick said


    Are you going to be at Forge Midwest, Nate?



  4. Hey, thanks guys.

    Troy, maybe. Depends on if any projects come up. I should know in a couple of weeks or so.

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