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It\’s All About Pen, Paper and People.


Posted by Nathan P. on February 20, 2007

Gaming is good right now. Getting my medium-term itch scratched with a great Mountain Witch game. Storygames Boston continues apace. I’m kind of planning to arrange my entire summer around gaming, if I can, which is a very exciting prospect.

I go through three distinct phases with reference to the internet, I’ve noticed. One of them is total apathy, shading into “oh my god what is wrong with everyone.” One of them is hardcore participation, when I get my fingers into every pie on every forum and blog that I frequent. And one of them is one I’m deep in right now, which is sitting back, trying to deal with real life and actually playing and doing design work formost, keeping tabs on the Forge and Story-Games, but not really posting much.

This phase tends to coincide with a general feeling that people are way too involved with things other people say on the internet, and people should do more thinking and less typing.

In other news, I think that there’s a sustainable market for independently published, short print run, actual play-focused games. Expanding that market is something I’m not interested in (yet), but trying to serve it to the best of my ability is within my power.

I think that the key to being a producer for that market is for you to view your production as a hobby, and not your job.  If it’s your job, you’d probably be better served aiming for a different market.

But, it can be a serious hobby, with metrics of improvement and a long-term plan for growth and sustainability.

Just because you don’t make your living at it doesn’t mean it’s not serious. Just because it’s not serious doesn’t mean you can’t make some profit off of it.

Oh, and profit can be measured in things other than money.

All for now.


2 Responses to “Bullets”

  1. Must be something in the water.

  2. Indeed. But I think it is a positive development.



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