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[Three Set Forth] (not)Actual Play Transcript

Posted by Nathan P. on February 20, 2007

Our cast: Danny, playing Sir Ryan, an honorable knight. Sarah, playing Hilda, a peasant woman with strong hedge magic. Bryan, playing Squire John, Sir Ryan’s squire and the rejected would-be lover of Hilda.

Bryan: It’s my turn to play a Waypoint. Erm…[riffles through cards] oh! Ok, here. “An Unexpected Reversal Of Fortune.” Adversity 4, Action 3, Defense 0, Renown 2. I think…ok, here’s the scene. The three of us are riding through the Wicked Wood, after leaving that creepy goblin town at the edge of the marsh. We’ve been riding for a full day, and it’s getting dark. We come into a clearing, and we all realize that we’ve seen this clearing before…twice.

Danny: Heh, cool. Ok, I reign in my horse. “Hold, companions. It seems that some witchery is afoot…we have certainly passed this spot before.”

Sarah: I start rubbing my staff and looking around with renewed interest. “Are you certain? Could it not be that we are simply lost?”

Bryan: “My sense of direction is unfailing, madam. It is certainly a force not of this world.”

Danny: “Hilda, can you break this ensorcelment?”

Sarah: “Perhaps…if it is sorcery.” Ok, Bryan, is this a conflict?

Bryan: Yeh, totally. Oh, I know what happens! Ok, so Sarah, I’m using the base Adversity for the sorcery, whatever’s causing it. I have 4 dice.

Sarah: Cool. I’m using my “Counter-Magic” Edge, which is 3 dice, and I think my “Suspicious of magic” Facet totally counts here, so thats 3 more. Umm…I’m putting 3 into Action, 1 into Defense, and 2 into Renown.

Bryan: I’m putting 1 into Action, and the Waypoint has 3 already, so that’s 4. The other 3 go into Defense, and the Waypoint has 2 Renown dice.

[They roll. Sarah gets Action 6,4,2; Defense 3; Renown 4, 1. Bryan gets Action 5, 5, 4, 3; Defense 2, 2, 1; and Renown 5,3]

Sarah: I have a higher Renown score, so I declare first. Mmmm…I’m looking a little outclassed here. I’m going to start spinning my staff around my head, to generate some more magical energy…my staff is a Gear at 4, so I need to ditch a 4 or greater…[she takes the “4” out of her Action pool].

Bryan: Allright, as you’re spinning, both Sir Ryan starts to feel faint, a side effect of the magical energy being gathered. Squire John props him up as he starts to sag. [He pushes forward the “5” from his Renown pool]

Sarah: Ok, now I get to roll in my Gear. Three in Action, one in Defense. [She rolls, and now has Action 6, 3, 3, 3, 2; Defense 6,3; Renown 4; 1] So, that counts as my response, right? So your Renown thing is unopposed?

Bryan: That’s right. [He changes the 5 to a 6 on that dice and moves it to his Renown Victories pool] Umm….as Ryan’s lids begin to tremble, you feel a sudden pressure. It’s the magic reacting to your staff, trying to close in on you. [He pushes 5, 5 from his Action pool forward]

Sarah: I grit my teeth and push back against it. [She pushes her 6 and 3 from her Defense pool forward]

Bryan: You hold it at first, but it begins to close in…tighter…and tighter…[He adds the 4 to his two 5’s]

Sarah: Hrm…ok. I stop spinning my staff, and the sudden lessening of my defense allows the building pressure to slam me off my horse. But as I fall, I let out a string of curses in the Old Tongue, which ride the magic back to it’s source and burn into the Magician’s brain! [She pushes forward all of her Action dice; 6, 3, 3, 3, 2]

Bryan: Wow, bold move! Well, my Action resolves…I have 5, 5, 4 to your 6, 3. Your 6 cancels one of my 5’s, and your 3 knocks one of my others down to half a Victory…so, I get 1.5 Action Victories [he turns one dice to a 6 and another to a 3, and puts them in his Action Victory space]. Now…uh…you feel as if from a long way off, the screech of whoever is sending this magic. There is a feeble bump from his defenses [he pushes forward the 2, 2, 1 from his Defense pool], but with an audible “pop” the bubble of sorcery over you bursts, and you all feel suddenly lighter.

Sarah: Awesome. I lose one “2”, and your others knock two of them down to half, so…three Action Victories total. Nice. I can use three Victories to buy an Edge level…I think I’m going to go ahead and create a new Edge, “Curses of the Old Tongue” I just thought of that now, but it totally works for my character.

Bryan: Very cool. I’m going to leave these 1.5 Action Victories in John’s Victory reserve for now, but that Renown totally gives me enough to burn a Facet! I’m gonna burn “Steadfastly Loyal” into the Story Arc. When he decided to support his master rather than go to his love in her time of need, thats totally something thats going to be a big deal later. [Bryan writes “Squire John: Steadfastly Loyal” onto the Waypoint card he just played]

Danny: Cool. I have an idea for an interstitial scene, and then it’s my turn for a Waypoint…


One Response to “[Three Set Forth] (not)Actual Play Transcript”

  1. Sounds rockin, Nathan. Looking forward to seeing this develop!

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