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On My Plate

Posted by Nathan P. on March 8, 2007

(cuz if I don’t do this, I’ll forget everything)

(so not in order of importance)

Write up a Mountain Witch AP thread at the Forge.

Write up an outline for Kevin & I’s Push 2 article DONE!

Send in corrections for carry so it can be back in print. DONE!

Read and review all of the BibliOdyssey entries. DONE!

Update website with links to carry AP threads.

A couple of IPR-related tasks.

A followup blog entry about the culture of Awesome.



4 Responses to “On My Plate”

  1. I bet you have a hard time keeping yourself busy, don’t you Nate? ;-D

    Good luck bro!



  2. Paul Czege said

    Definitely looking forward to the follow up article on the culture of Awesome.


  3. Judd said

    Getting carry available comes first, right?

  4. Guy Shalev said

    Go go go! 🙂

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