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New Spaces

Posted by Nathan P. on March 22, 2007

I’ve recently signed up with two new places to talk about games. These are new, not because of their chronological age (though they are both new in that way as well), but because they are places that are constructed for talking about things about games that other places (the Forge, Story Games, RPG.net, publisher websites) are not*. Stuff I tend to think about as “real stuff” sometimes.

I would knife fight a man is for talking about God, sex, and rpgs. And a bunch of other stuff.

The IRIS Network is a female-oriented community for gamers, with a decidedly feminist bent.

I’m still in read-and-don’t-talk mode, but I’m glad that these exist for me to read right now.

*Footnote: Now that tabletop games are growing and changing and evolving into something new, I’m glad that people are starting to consider them in a way that positions them against the rest of life. I can’t help thinking about how we look back at the first films (even the first talkies) and go “wow, how hackneyed and blind and full of unexamined cultural assumptions, even though there’s really good stuff.” And as the medium evolved and changed, directors and screenwriters starting bringing more and more “real stuff” into them.  It’s a process of maturation, and I’m glad I get to see and participate in it.


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