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Origins 2007 after-action report (Part 2)

Posted by Nathan P. on July 17, 2007

And just in time for Dex Con…

Anyhow, when last we left off, I was sitting down with Alexander, Michael Miller, and Peter and Gary Adkison to play Ganakagok. I played the Arrogant Shaman, Michael was the Intrepid (or something) Whaler, Peter was the Youthful Explorer, and Gary was the Wise Stargazer. Though Gary had to retire after the first player-turn, he really put a lot of oomph into his character, narrating how he spilled out a glass vase (the only glass object in the village) full of wolves teeth to show the village how they were allowing themselves to be divided (by an argument between my character and the village chief). The Stargazer than went out into the frozen wastes, ending up in an ice chasm, confronting the spirits and the stars and allowing them to convince him that he had to go back to heal the rift in the village. It was really awesome, and I think we were all a little surprised to see Gary (an elderly gentleman with a mainly traditional gaming background, AFAIK) bring the awesome like that. It was good surprised!

Anyhow, after he left we managed to get through the rest of the game before it got too too late, and it was really fun. My Shaman ended up dying of a plague brought upon the village by his wayward apprentice, but in death he chose to follow his people and be their spiritual guide rather than rest with his ancestors. This was noble, but ultimately futile; the Nitu got absorbed into a southern people within two generations of leaving a melting Ganakagok, and with that my shaman’s soul was cast adrift in the void, forever without companions or anyone to watch over.

I love this game.


Another less-than-intense sales day, though I tried to put more time in at the booth to make up for my wandering about on Friday. However, I did get to do some fun stuff. I did an interview with Michael Erb, a journalist who writes game reviews for a print newspaper. (Note: this may have happened on Friday. I don’t honestly remember). Audio will be posted at some point, I am led to understand. Later that day I crushed him in a demo of Burning Wheel’s Duel of Wits, which was fun! I love crushing!

Our Saturday was about as good as our Friday. After hours saw some solid hanging out and drinking at the Big Bar, including a big ol gang of people getting revved up for the Origins Awards ceremony. Earlier in the day I had been informed that Jake Norwood has never played Dogs in the Vineyard, and Alexander asked me if I would run it. I hemmed and hawed a bit (I’ve run exactly one game of Dogs, for one Dog), but finally decided to give it a shot.

Weevil Gulch

As the crowd swept their way to the Origins Awards, I got some dinner and started prepping a town, calling it Weevil Gulch (don’t ask why, I don’t know!). I ended up running it for Alexander, Jake, Thor Olavsrud and Ralph Mazza. We could have had a bigger group, but I was nervous enough about handling four players, so we kept it to that. Character creation and initiation conflicts went very well (Jake was the only one who lost his), and we went right into the town.

It was a simple enough town, and I did my best to just lay out the pertinent info. It was about 10.30 or so by the time we started playing proper, and I think we were all set to cut to the chase. A brief but exciting time later, we had a dead ruffian, a deposed Steward, and a quartet of Dogs that knew a little bit more about each others theological leanings. And gunplay skills.

My brain totally shut off right at the ultimate conflict of the town, and I just had the Stewards wife confess her sins to the Dogs, after which they narrated how they dealt with the problem, and we called it a game. It was fun despite my brain freeze, and Jake said that he had a good time, and that now he saw what all the fuss was about. So I call that one a win.

And The Award Goes Too…

Oh yeh, during the Dogs game we got word that Burning Empires won the Origins Award for Best RPG. So that was awesome.

And The Rest

The rest of the night was spent hanging out, shooting the shit, and generally basking in the reflected glory of Luke’s award. I stayed up till 4.30, got back to my hotel at 5, and left at 6am for my flight. So, that was the end of my Origins. And it was a hella-good time.

I’m definitely gonna be back next year.


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