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darkpages – Mrs Might-Have-Been

Posted by Nathan P. on July 27, 2007

She has no face anymore. She did, once, and it was a pretty face. But now?

She remembers so clearly when Tony came home, that one day. Came home and literally dropped his breifcase in shock, staring at her in the kitchen.

“Martha?” he had asked, incredulously. “What the hell are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in….my wife must be home right now…how did you get in?”

And she just opened her mouth soundlessly, no words coming, seeing the look in his eye that she hadn’t seen since…well, since they got married, she has to admit. That look of desire, and of a little bit of fear, but the fear feeding the desire.

“Who’s Martha?” she has asked him, holding the cucumber she had been slicing, making a little quizzical motion with it.

Over the course of the conversation she came to realize that he couldn’t see her anymore.

Now she can’t go down the street without causing a double-take every step, a half-asked question, a raised hand from a stranger. She spends a lot of time alone. She would watch TV, but for that poor sad face half-reflected in the glass of the screen.

The face of the girl who decided not to throw her life away for the promise of love. The girl she might have been.


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