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“Story” Games

Posted by Nathan P. on July 29, 2007

This is coming out of a discussion at Dexcon with Rob and Eppie and Terry.

So, like, Story Games is a great label, and it has a lot of legs (as we can see). We’re at the point where you can have conversations like “yeh, check out this game, it’s a story-game…” or “here’s how story-games tend to work…” and have them be useful, cuz the shorthand works.

But they’re not really story games, right? I mean, most of them are Character games. Some are Theme games. There’s some Plot games. And so on.
I dunno. It seems to me that, in terms of generating fictional narrative, we’ve successfully caught up to a screen writing 101 class. Which is great! These games are fucking fun, and don’t let me make you think I’m saying that they’re not!

Part of it is that whole pesky intrinsic nature of what roleplay is (the whole audience-participant thing). Another is the youth of the medium. But I just think there’s (the constant) danger of being satisfied with the state of the art, and it’s worth mentioning that there are so many other places to start expanding with what we do, as designers and as players.


2 Responses to ““Story” Games”

  1. Jonathan Walton said


  2. Cavolonero said

    ‘ Story ‘ is better than ‘ Narrative ‘

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