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Gen Con 07 In Pictures

Posted by Nathan P. on August 26, 2007

A few, crappy pictures, cuz I was down to my celly. But, here’s what I have!

GC07 Small Horse

A small horse, seen wandering about the streets of Indianapolis. You can’t really see in the picture, but he’s wearing sneakers and a leather hat. This was the cap of a long evening of running around and being a superspy; Kevin and myself collapsed into hysterical laughter shortly thereafter.

GC07 Greg Reign

Greg Stoltze in his incredibly uncomfortable Reign clapboards. He looks miserable because I insisted I get a picture, just as he thought he would never have to put the thing on again. I’m a bastard like that. However, he shouldn’t be too sad – Reign did very well at the IPR booth (second highest seller behind Spirit of the Century), and there was a lot of positive buzz around the booth. Meeting Greg was cool, in any case, as I’m a big Meatbot Massacre fanboi.

GC07 James Brown

James Brown, the hardest working man in game design. Aka blankshield. He was a primary booth sponser, so he got to harangue us before and after each day of sales. Also, his Blood and Bronze WITHOUT PEER sets were totally boss – it’s hard to beat hand-hammered brass bowls, yo.

GC07 Jon Walton

Jon Walton doing the “lets break down the booth” dance. On his left are Tim Koppang, Lenny Balsera’s back, and Eric Boyd. Justin Bow’s back is to his right. Jon did the opposite of me during Gen Con, in that he spent all his time at Games On Demand and didn’t do the dealers hall like at all. We compared notes, and decided that we both need to mix it up a bit for next year.

GC07 Justin Bow

Justin Bow, of Green Fairy Games. We met at DexCon, and it was cool that he made it out to the Forge booth as well. Fae Noir is a more “traditional” game, but it demonstrated that there’s totally a market for indie non-hippy wierdness, and we had some good conversations. Let us not enforce false divisions!

GC07 Master Chief

OMFG MASTER CHIEF!!! I wish I had gotten a better pic. Halo rules, and this promotional costume was totally sweet. Not enough for me to buy Halo Clix, but whatever…the fact that the Spartan suit exists makes me happy.

GC07 Ron Edwards

Ron Edwards has his own haranguing to do. Hanging out with Ron is fun! I love face-to-face communication.

GC07 Triumvirate

Ron Edwards, Brennan Taylor (of IPR and Gallileo Games) flashing the secret code sign, and James Brown. The other primary booth sponsors were Ben Lehman and…someone else? I don’t remember. Anyway, this was the triumvirate of power. Notice Brennan’s stylish Project Donut stickers.

GC07 Forge Booth

Unfortunately, this is the only “booth in action” shot I got, and it sucks. From left to right we have Brennan’s back, Steve Segedy, someone wearing a theRPGsite T-shirt (which rules that he was hanging out in the Forge booth, by the by), a friendly customer, Greg Porter (of BTRC fame), and Seth Ben-Ezra demoing Dirty Secrets for Ben Lehman and someone else. Wooo!

GC07 Storm Trooper

A Storm Trooper. ’nuff said.

GC07 The Factory

The awesome old factory thats behind the convention hall. Next year I want to devote some time to strolling around Indy and taking some pics of the neat old cool buildings.

GC07 Tim Koppang

Tim Koppang (TCK Roleplaying) in all of his well-groomed self. Tim is a fun guy, and I met his wife, who was also really cool. It was kind of hilarious when she walked up to him in the middle of a demo, said “you forgot something” and put his wedding ring on his hand, without either of them missing a beat. I kind of hoped that was the whole marriage ceremony, but no, he had just forgot to put it on that morning. Anyway, hilarious!

GC07 Tomes of Evil

A crappy shot of some cool resin Tomes of Evil, with full-on unlatching and paper-containing powers. I liked these a lot, though I have no need  for them. Artifacts are neat!

And that’s all I got. Next year, there will be more. But, anyway, yay pictures!


4 Responses to “Gen Con 07 In Pictures”

  1. Brennan said

    I think I was cracking my knuckles.

  2. Nathan P. said

    “Cracking your knuckles” indeed. Wink wink.

    I know you were flashing secret codes to someone off camera. Secret, secret codes.

  3. Justin said

    Hey, thanks for the shout-outs!
    I didn’t find this until today when it popped up on my daily Google search.
    It was awesome getting to hang out with you and everyone again. If you’re ever down in New York, let me know and we’ll rock out.

  4. That is the worst picture of me taken since some real eye-poppers in high school.

    But check out the Power, That’s Me poses from Brennan and James! Scary dudes.

    Best, Ron

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