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Another Adventure Begins

Posted by Nathan P. on August 27, 2007

I began playtesting my new game, Annalise, last week.

From my current intro:

The games is about creating Vampire stories from the perspective, not of the Vampire, but of his victims, servants, enemies, and others affected by his appetites. This is creating the story of Dracula by playing Van Helsing, Mina Harker and Renfield; it is the story of Lost Boys by playing the younger brother, the two vampire hunters and the grandfather.

We did character discovery and the first scene of the first phase of play, and it was solid. I mean, I took a ton of notes, and I have an idea of stuff to start carving away now, and we obviously have just barely began to engage with the economy and reward cycles, but my group seemed pleased with the core stuff and we’re looking forwards to continuing it (or at least I am).

Anyway, I’m polishing up my notes and procedural rules text into a more human-readable document. The stuff for the first phase of play is all done (with copious examples!), and the second “half” of the game is mostly elaborations and modifications of the mechanics for the first part, so it shouldn’t take so long to finish up.

The point being, by next weekend I should have a fairly usable playtest draft. So, if anyone’s interested in checking it out, lemme know!

Oh, and here’s a first draft of the “first half” character sheet. It’s looking like you’ll need a different sheet for the second half, and this one is actually already out of sync with my latest rules revision, but whatever. I’m digging how it looks so far.

Annalise Character Sheet

I’m excited.


2 Responses to “Another Adventure Begins”

  1. Rock. You didn’t tell me it was THIS kind of Vampire game. Now I’m suddenly interested. Also, you should play the new version of Geiger so we can cross-pollinate.

  2. Emily said

    This sounds great, Nathan. JiffyCon playtest, maybe?

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