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{Annalise} More Playtesty Goodness

Posted by Nathan P. on September 3, 2007

Played some more Annalise tonight. One of my players ended up not coming, cuz of a scheduling snafu, but it turns out the game is fine with people coming in and out. We brainstormed some stuff to get him up to speed next week, once idea of which is made of awesome sauce, maybe.

How the game works is, each player has a scene for their character in rotation, and when it’s your turn you pick one of the other players to be your scene guide. The other people get to have a hand in your scene, but it’s basically you and the scene guide until you’re done. Anyway, we have four people, so it could maybe be really effective to have two pairs going at once, until all the characters are up to speed. We shall see.

Anyhow, I recorded the session, which I hope turns out to be as useful as I think it’ll be. We discovered that there’s some kind of creepy occult group centered around mystical glyphs that get carved on people’s teeth, which may or may not be in the service of the vampire. My character isn’t willing to let anyone or anything get the better of her, and she’s trying to figure out what’s up with this cult; Jesse’s character keeps on getting these messages, through various channels, that someone or something is “watching him”, and he’s trying to figure out the cult as well, using math; and Can’s character is rapidly getting absorbed into the cult, though he may or may not end up fighting against it. Pat’s character is the unknown equation – so far, all we know is that he’s on someone’s trail, though not for what purpose.

This game centers around my favorite part of roleplaying, and it’s working in that way really well. It needs some economy fixing, and we have yet to see how the second half of it plays, but I’m feeling really positive. Really, really positive.



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