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Some #s

Posted by Nathan P. on January 20, 2008

Total Sales for 2007

carry. a game about war.: 93 (96 in 2006)

Timestream Standard PDF: 5 (17 in 2006)

Timestream Basic PDF: 8 (9 in 2006)

Timestream Premier Edition (print): 13 (168 in 2006, mostly cuz of sales into distribution)

Timestream Reference Edition (print): 2 (28 in 2006)

Time’s Champions: A Stream for Timestream: 4 (3 in 2006)


2 Responses to “Some #s”

  1. Troy_Costisick said


    125 sales, Nate. Not too shabby. I’m glad to see that sales for carry are holding steady. I think it’s a very impactful game. Here’s to an even better 2008!



  2. Nathan P. said

    Thanks Troy!

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