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Exciting Things

Posted by Nathan P. on January 24, 2008

First: I played a 1001 Nights/Warhammer 40K mashup last nite. There’s a thread about it here at Story Games. It was an abnormal amount of fun. I think it was cuz we were using miniatures. Miniatures rule. I also got really excited about how Warp works. Anyhow, I look forwards to playing it more!

Second: In an hour or so I’m leaving for Dreamation. Unlike years past, I’m only there for a couple days, and I didn’t schedule anything. I’m looking forwards to treating it like a vacation, hanging out, playing informal games and seeing friends old and new. Yay Dreamation!

Third: Annalise is going well! I’m happy with the new new rules. The only problem is I’m having some language problems. I played with Shreyas over the weekend (oh, yeh, it’s actually really good as a two-player game, by the way. Super-exciting!) and was all “so, this thing I call a conflict, that’s not what it is, right?” and he’s all “yeh, that’s not at all what this is at all”. The best we could come up with is calling it an Event, because at least it’s not wrong, but I’m still trying to come up with something thats right to call it. Maybe this weekend will be helpful in that regard.

Anyhow, I need to clean up the text and rewrite some examples, but I think it’s almost in shape for sending off to people who aren’t me! I have some people specific I wanna send it to, but I’ll also be doing a public call (? ugh, such a gross word) for readers/playtesters in the near future. Stay tuned.


3 Responses to “Exciting Things”

  1. Heya Nate,

    I don’t know exactly what an “Event” in Annalise might be, but I have a store of synonyms for conflict that I refer to when I need a different word. I’ll post them here. Mayber they’ll help out πŸ™‚


    Eh, maybe they won’t be much help. But maybe they’ll get your mind working πŸ™‚ Enjoy Dreamation!



  2. Marhault said

    Yay for Annalise! You can put me down for a reader at least, Nathan.

    I wanna go to dreamation. 😦

  3. Nathan P. said

    Well, turns out that a synonym for conflict doesn’t really help, cuz they’re not really conflicts at all.

    However, in the course of dinner one evening, Rob Bohl came to my rescue. From now on, they are “moments”


    And, Jamey, I’ll totally let you know when I need some eyes. Thanks!

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