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My Dreamation Tribe

Posted by Nathan P. on January 28, 2008

Yay Dreamation!

Due to a personal scheduling kinda thingy, I was only able to go to Dreamation for a little while this time around. Thursday through Saturday morning, to be exact. So I went into it aiming for it to be primarily a social event for me, as well as to conduct some biz for upcoming excitingness.

In this, I felt successful.

Games, quickly:

I ran a pickup of InSpectres for Rob Donaghue, Remi Truer (sp?), Alexander Newman and last-minute-joiner Emily Care Boss.  It was, as always, wacky and fun. Rob and Remi had never played before! Upon learning this, I made it my mission to make a mission happen, and as far as I could tell it went well. We set the franchise in Indianapolis, and their first mission was a strange possessing spirit that was linked to Gen Con attendees. Nerdy injokes ensued.

I played in a playtest of Serial, Kat & Michael Millers police procedural/serial killer investigation game. I had played an earlier version of the rules at Origins, and I enjoyed it much more this time around. It’s really tightened up a lot, and has a lot of potential as a party-style game for people not familiar with roleplaying, I think.

I played a game of In A Wicked Age with Dave Younce, Alexander Newman and Kevin Allen Jr. We had war giraffes. I really liked my Reaver King character. Wicked Age is a little stabby for the kind of play I’m into right now, but I totally had fun playing.

Non-Game Stuff:

I hung out with my tribe. It was really fantastic. I made some new just-met-you-and-I-think-you’re-cool friends (hi Eric and Star and Chad and I’m sure I’m forgetting someone cuz I suck!). I did a whole lot of conversing and drinking and just having a good time. I ❤ all of you!

That said, it really sucks that I saw many of friends for a few minutes at most (sorry Dave C and Adam and Joshua and Jeff and Judd and everyone else!), and didn’t get to share meals with more than a few people. I didn’t even see many people that it turns out were there, so that sucks too.

I wish I could just do this every weekend. Seriously. That would rule.

See y’all next time!


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