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Piecemeal Armor Rules for D&D

Posted by Nathan P. on February 17, 2008

So I’m playing D&D with my monday-then-tuesday-but-now-wednesday group. It’s fun. My character is badass and emo at the same time. She’s a rogue/cleric, and so far she’s exploded a skeleton (by turning it) and stabbed a dude in the lung, but then she healed it.

Anyway, the setting is a world that the DM has made up, based very loosely on Dark Sun and some other stuff. There a mountain with a dragon below it, and there’s 7 Giants who spend all their time keeping the Dragon asleep, cuz if it wakes up everythings gonna die, and this whole thing is surrounded by trackless desert, and so on. So, we geek out about cool stuff from Dark Sun that should exist in this world, and piecemeal armor kept on coming up. Like, gladiators with platemail arms and chunks of chainmail, elven nomads rockin’ layers of skins with metal sewn into them, whatever.

So, with some spare time in my weekend, I made up some piecemeal armor rules. I really like them! They’re only a little more complicated than armor already is in D&D, and I think they lend a lot of flavor to the whole endeavor. There’s also a system for piecemeal armor getting destroyed in combat, which is easily extensible to being a general armor destruction system that doesn’t involve any new mechanics beyond what you already use in combats. Which is pretty cool.

Anyway, pending DM approval, we’re gonna use ’em in my game. I’m posting the 5-page PDF here also, in case anyone is interested in checking them out, especially people with more experience with 3.5 than I have (which is anyone who’s played it for more than 2 sessions, at this point).

So, the D&D Piecemeal Armor Rules are linked right there. Lemme know whatcha think!


2 Responses to “Piecemeal Armor Rules for D&D”

  1. roleplay said

    Wow, this looks pretty slick. Pretty easy to implement, too. Do your players change the mechanics of combat, too? “I want to turn my left side to the guy I’m fighting.” – so the stronger armor takes damage? Or do you roll for hit locations?

  2. Hi Roleplay! (Wow, what a meta-comment this is…)

    Thanks for taking a look. One of the goals here is to not add any more rolls to combat, so hit locations aren’t a thing we do. We tend to describe how we get hit and stuff anyway, so it just adds some color to those descriptions, for the most part.

    I think it is necessary to track each separate piece of armor if you’re gonna use the armor destruction rules, so thats probably the most complicated extra piece of this system.

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