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Don’t Hold Back

Posted by Nathan P. on March 2, 2008

I hope somebody tells me when I sell out. Seriously. Just send me an email saying  “dude. This thing you just did? You sold out.” I’ll appreciate it.

It’s kind of nice being around a bunch of people who are designing out on the fringe (Walton & Dev & Shreyas, for the record). It makes me feel warm and safe in my standardized/normalized design and business practices. But then I look back at the people setting those standards (Vincent & Evil Hat & Luke), and go “holy crap, I am doing something wierd and strange, aren’t I?”

I hope y’all don’t mind when I name names. It’s a response to the nethabit of never specifying who or what you are talking about. Particularly when yer yelling about trends in game design and publishing.

In happy news, Annalise playtest at JiffyCon Boston! Once that’s over, I should be able to finish up the current draft and get in touch with you poor bastards who have indicated interest in reading/playtesting. Then, once my current Wednesday D&D game wraps up in a couple weeks, full playtest with that group. Super exciting!


4 Responses to “Don’t Hold Back”

  1. roleplay said

    Gotta follow your wallet, and that’s okay.

    I had a great playtest just before the weekend of a quasi-diceless online game, too… we’ve got some good stuff in the tubes.

  2. Jonathan Walton said

    So we’re on a last name basis, Paoletta?

  3. Cool! I keep on intending to check out RolePlayGateway, maybe after JiffyCon. I’m super-interested in internet-based play. I even wrote a game for it, kinda.

    Jon, I always have this moment when I’m talking about you online when I go “nobody is gonna know who I’m talking about if I just say ‘Jonathon’, so I’ll use his last name”. Sometimes I remember that I don’t think there are other Jonathon’s who are very vocal in the community. Sometimes, I give in to my impulse.

    Plus, sometime I fully intend to talk about “the Walton effect” or something. It’ll be boss.

  4. Linnaeus said

    Now I’m curious to know what you think the Walton Effect is 🙂

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