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Moments In Annalise

Posted by Nathan P. on April 27, 2008

Here’s the (filled-out) play aid that I threw together for the JiffyCon Boston playtest of Annalise. Click for full size.

Moment Chart from AnnaliseWhenever you get into a moment in the game, the group generates an array of possible achievements and consequences that could come out of the moment. If you read down the paper, you can kinda see the flow of the game based on which achievements and consequences were on hand for the various moments. Which is hella cool!

I plan to revise it into something a little easier to parse at the table (probably with little circles or boxes for assigning dice, with the chart at the bottom that tells you which number means which either relegated to a different play aid kinda thing, or integrated into the sheet in a less obtrusive manner).

Anyway, something I’ve been meaning to post for awhile. In general life news, we’re at the end of the season at the shop I work at, so we’re in the big final build crunch. Lot’s of overtime in the next two weeks, but no free time a’tall. I am waiting on the proofs for the next printing of carry, though, so that is probably the next thing I’ll be posting about.

Also, news soon about my booth at Gen Con!


2 Responses to “Moments In Annalise”

  1. That is an excellent-looking play aid, Nathan. Looks like a cross between With Great Power’s Synopsis Sheet and InSpectres dice mechanics. Nifty!

  2. Thanks Michael! I’m definitly inspired by both those sources. With strong doses of Otherkind.

    I think I’m calling on elements of every game I’ve played in the past two years, in some measure, for Annalise. Which is cool feeling.

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