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New Game Design Challenge

Posted by Nathan P. on May 29, 2008

Write a game based off of this tattoo:

Bonus points for:

*Serious treatment of a literary theme

*Complete avoidance of “My Little Pony” jokes

*Hacking Nicotine Girls

Extra bonus points for:

*Including physical tattooing as the resolution mechanic

(Img from here via my friend Rob)


That’s right, there’s now a deadline and everything. Midnite, June 20th, email it to me at n-dot-d-dot-paoletta-at-gmail-dot-com. Or be square.


9 Responses to “New Game Design Challenge”

  1. Marhault said

    What do I get if I win?

  2. Jarrod said

    Done. What do I get, besides bus tickets to Hell?

  3. I’ll play it with some of my friends!

  4. kevin allen jr said


  5. Marhault said

    Okay. I’m in! What’s the deadline?

  6. How about by JiffyCon. Midnite, June 20th, so I can print it out and have someone read it out loud in a sleep-deprived haze on the drive to Western Mass the morning of the 21st.

  7. Marhault said

    And…. Done.

  8. […] New Game Design Challenge […]

  9. Tad said

    I so cannot do this
    Nothing comes to mind for this one
    I hope I can next contest

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