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Carry Errata Is Go

Posted by Nathan P. on June 7, 2008

The second print run of carry. a game about war. is almost sold out! The third printing is currently heading out to fulfillment houses. While updating the text for the third printing, I ran into a number of issues, mostly small but some fairly large, with how I had explained some rules; in addition, I’ve garnered a fair amount of feedback from players of the game since it’s been out. These factors combined to mean that I actually made a substantial number of changes in the text for the third printing, mostly in the form of taking out small rules that never saw play and re-writing some portions of the rules to be clearer in how the rules are meant to be applied.

So, the purchasers of the third printing are getting the clearest and most accurate version of the rules. But what about everyone who already has the book? For you, I am providing a 13-page PDF of errata between printings. This document includes both an explanation of why each portion of the text was changed, and the complete text of both the old and new rules that have been edited.

You can download that document by clicking here. To check your printing, look at the bottom of the last page of your book.


2 Responses to “Carry Errata Is Go”

  1. Hamish said

    Is there a PDF version of carry available, if so, from where can I purchase it?

  2. Nope, sorry. I have no plans to make a PDF of the full game available. The game is available for purchase from IPR, Key20, and direct from my website (in case one of those options makes it easier for you to get it than another one).

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