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Annalise Movement

Posted by Nathan P. on July 2, 2008

I’m getting into that fluttery “holy crap am I really doing this” phase. Art is getting hashed out, text is off to the editor and readers, and I even have the website up.

The game is really good, and I’m really looking forwards to playing it with people. There will be a limited edition available (well, all the editions will be limited, but thats another post) at DexCon. That’s in, like, 2 weeks! Holy crap!

Also, here’s the website. Let me know if any egregious errors or painful formatting is happening.

Why do I keep doing this to myself again?


2 Responses to “Annalise Movement”

  1. Guy Shalev said

    Any My Life with Master influence?

  2. Oh yes. Obviously, the basic idea of not playing the bad guy, but rather those who must interact with it. Each game does come to an end, though there isn’t really an “Endgame” as such. Also, the principle of the system itself pushing against the characters, rather than requiring someone at the table to provide all of the adversity.

    Paul is definitly one of my design idols. Which means I must kill him to steal his power, of course.

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