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And The Winner Is!

Posted by Nathan P. on July 3, 2008

Hi there!  Welcome to Happiland!  Happiland is a great place, with singing flowers, dancing trees and a sun that smiles down at you every single day!  In fact, Happiland is the greatest place anywhere, ever!  It’s populated exclusively by talking animals, cute things and little girls.  Everything here is pretty, cute, or both, like me!  But you don’t need me to tell you that, do you?  After all, you’re one of the Horsies of Happiland!

Horsies that have Dreams are conflicted.  They all have two different Motivations: Stormclouds and Rainbows.  I like Rainbows a lot!  Rainbows is our word for all of the wonderful, pretty things that go on here, it doesn’t always mean real rainbows, although it can!  Rainbows are really pretty!  Stormclouds are yucky and gray though.  They’re everything that rainbows aren’t, like drinking and smoking and mounting fillies, whatever that is.

Congratulations to Jamey Crook, winner of my latest design challenge. Horsies Of Happiland: One Night Stand Edition is a pretty twisted version of Nicotine Girls, with the addition of situation/color generation cards and more (!) fucking. The prize is winging it’s way to his door right now, and I’ll be hosting a PDF of the game at some point soon. I hope I get to play it soon too!

So, congratulations Jamey!


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