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DexCon 08: Home of the Gingerbread Mafia

Posted by Nathan P. on July 21, 2008

And thats how DexCon was over.

I had the best time at a convention that I’ve had in a long time. I think last years Origins is the next benchmark back, and this DexCon was at least equal to it, if not better. There was a lot of crapulance floating around, to be sure (the broken ATM, the general sense of low energy, the low sales, general crankiness, the list of things that there is too much of), but I personally managed to have an amazing productive, satisfying and just plain fun time.


Roanoke went well, despite some playstyle clash at the table that I wasn’t able to harmoniously deal with. The game was fun, overall, and it was really rewarding for me to run a game outside of my comfort zone. Though, sorry Dan & Clint, but I think next time I’ll have to use something like The Pool or Unistat. Wushu just isn’t my style.

InSpectres went awesomely, as always. I had a table of 7 players, and the game hummed right along with no problems. It also had some pretty dark turns (the S&M/Nazi-fetishist British aristocrat, the death of the last unicorn, the rotting ghost virgins). As always, though, tons of laughs and many hijinks. Damn but it’s my favorite game.

carry went very well, despite J.R. and Russell having to leave early. We had a squad chock-full of sexual tension, and all the players really stepped up and dug into their characters and the fiction of the game. It was one of the most emotionally satisfying and real-feeling games of carry I’ve run, and it really made me happy that it played out so well.

Annalise suffered from some poor decision-making on my part (I decided to try to simultaneously run two 3-player tables, and there was a lot of lagtime in the beginning stages of the game as I ran back and forth). However, the players all made really tragic characters that were headed towards intense confrontations with the Vampire, and a lot of disturbing and interested fiction was happening at each table. I think everyone got a good taste of the game, and I learned a ton about how to approach running it at conventions.


I sold out of the Seven Sins edition of the game within a day. Totally awesome. Everyone was very complimentary, and I think the custom versions were worth the price tag, and maybe even the stress of making them happen! I feel really validated in some of my artistic and marketing choices, and I feel totally recharged about making the next version happen. Also sold a copy or two of carry.


Always the best part. I made some awesome new friends (Hi Jared and J.R.and Eric and Kevin!), and I got to spend some real quality time with older friends, and got to shoot the shit with friendly acquaintances and get closer to being good friends. I’m already sad that I won’t be seeing any of you for awhile.


In the words of Mr. Allen Jr. “it made me cry butter.”

Much love to all of you, friends. See you next time!


8 Responses to “DexCon 08: Home of the Gingerbread Mafia”

  1. Jared and I are so happy that we got to meet you! Jenn is always introducing us to people we just fall for, and we are happy that we got to meet you.

    I really enjoyed playing Carry and I hope to play Annalise sometime soon. When it goes on sale, please let me know, I feel like I know lots of people who would enjoy playing it.

  2. Rachel Walton said

    Nathan – I’m thrilled that I got to play in three of your games. I had a great time in every one. My favorite experience was definitely carry. It was emotionally satisfying, as you said – some of those emotions ran deep, and felt pretty real.

    Raven is hard to play as anyone other than an asshole. When I picked him, I didn’t want to fight that tendency, but I thought it would be cool to be a little more subtle about it, which I enjoyed. What I didn’t expect was the depth at which I could identify with him, and then to see him change – and all of this because of the fateful decision to disobey the Sargent. I think it was awesome that Rob chose to place all the casualties at my hands, because wow, that sucked hard for Raven, who wasn’t such an asshole that he didn’t feel the pain of being responsible for their deaths.

    I loved the moment where the Sargent is demanding answers from Raven and Raven just numbly holds out the handful of dog tags. And I think both Raven and I were quite surprised that Rob/the Sargent pushed him back into action. It was humiliating to have to lead the better team at first, but I think it was ultimately Raven’s saving grace. Gooooood stuff!

    I can’t wait to play again. Also, I’m now reading up more on the Vietnam War, and wow, was Richard Nixon a bastard.


  3. Awesome. One subgoal of the game is totally for people to examine what they know (or think they know) about the war, and it makes me smile that you’re doing some of that. Not to mention, like, our great game.

  4. Kevin Fitzpatrick said

    It was a real pleasure to meet you at DexCon and it totally wasn’t entirely because of the time we spent in bed with each other. šŸ™‚

    Seriously though, I wish we could have hung out more. As one of the first story-focused games I’ve ever seen in person, watching InSpectres was really eye-opening for me as much as it was hilarious.

    (Rob, you really bring the disturbi… I mean, uh… the awesome! Totally.)

    Wish I could have played Annalise. It wasn’t until after I got home and started reading about it that I realized I would have loved it. Hopefully sometime soon.

    – Kevin

  5. Hey Kevin,

    Well, I always appreciate spending the night in bed with a strange man ;). I hope we manage to find some time to hang out and game, some time. Come to Dreamation, at the very least!

  6. Kevin said

    No doubt, man. If not before, I’ll see you there.

  7. robertbohl said

    I think I made a love connection….

  8. gillan said

    dreamation amirite?

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